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Advanced Sleeve

Automotive Services

Part # Description Price
BBBV8 Big Block V8 Cylinder Assemblies (Does Not Include Heavy Metal) $278.25
BD Diesel (Does Not Include Heavy Metal) Per Hour $84.00
BFC Flywheel and Clutch $97.65
BV6V8 V6 and V8 Cylinder Assemblies (Does Not Include Heavy Metal) $267.75
Block Work
BWABB Align Bore Block $320.25
BWAHB Align Hone Block $241.50
BWBH Bore and Hone (Per Cylinder) $36.75
BWBHM Bore and Hone Multiple Pass $47.25
BWCS Install Cylinder Sleeve (Per Cylinder) $162.75
BWRRCB R and R Cam Bearings $18.38
BWRRFP R and R Freeze Plugs $7.88
Cleaning and Degreasing
CDC Crankshaft $31.50
CDCHM Cylinder Heads and Manifolds $42.00
CDPCB Passenger Car Blocks $105.00
CDSM Sheet Metal i.e. Valve Covers, Timing Covers, Oil Pans etc. (Per Part) $10.50
CDTB Truck Blocks (If Capable) $142.80
Cylinder Head Work
CHW3 3 Cycle Cast Iron Heads $89.25
CHW4 4 Cycle Cast Iron Heads $131.25
CHW6 6 Cycle Cast Iron Heads $152.25
CHW4A 4 Cycle Aluminum i.e. Escort, 22R Toyota $162.75
CHW4DOHC 4 Cycle DOHC Acura, Mitsubishi, Toyota, GM, etc. w/o cams $367.50
CHW4MV 4 Cycle Multi Valve Honda, Mitsubishi etc. OHC w/o cam $294.00
Connecting Rod and Piston Work
CRPWCIPR Clean and Install Piston Rings (Each) $24.15
CRPWFFR File Fit Rings Per Piston (Each) $19.69
CRPWIPR Install Piston on Rod (Each) $13.78
CRPWRLE Resize Large End (Each) $26.25
CRPWRR Rebush Rods (Per Rod) $21.00
CRPWRRRPR R and R Both Connecting Rod Ends Assemble with Piston and Ring Set (Each) $34.65
CRPWSR Straighten Rod (Each) $10.50
Crankshaft Services
CSCP Clean and Polish Automotive Crankshaft $68.25
CSGAC Grind All 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder Crankshafts $194.25
CSMC Magnaflux Crankshaft $52.50
CSSC Straighten Crankshaft $63.00
CSWJG Weld Journal and Grind $141.75
CSWTG Weld Thrust and Grind $189.00
Guide and Seat Work
GSING2 Install New Guide (2 or more) $18.38
GSKN Knurl Valve Guide $13.65
GSMFSIRAS Machine for Screw-In Rocker Arm Studs $24.94
GSMGFS Machine guides for seals $9.19
GSRR R and R Replaceable guide $18.38
GSVSCI Valve Seat Cut and Install $31.50
Magnaflux and Pressure Test
MPTM34 Magnaflux 3 and 4 Cylinder Heads $37.80
MPTM6 Magnaflux 6 Cylinder Heads $42.00
MPTMB Magnaflux Blocks $73.50
MPTPT34 Pressure Test Normal 3 and 4 Cylinder Heads $55.65
MPTPT6 Pressure Test Normal 6 Cylinder Heads $63.00
MPTPTB Pressure Test Blocks (If Capable) $110.25
Performance Machining
PMAPM Assemble Performance Engine $1,055.25
PMDCST Degree Cam Shaft Timing $162.75
PMGB Grout Block (Labor Only Grout Not Included) $178.50
PMOCH O-Ring Cylinder Head (Per Cylinder) $31.50
PMORV8B O-Ring V8 Block $215.25
PMTPBH Torque Plate Bore and Hone (Per Cylinder) $84.00
R34 3 and 4 Passenger Car Heads $60.90
R34HD 3 and 4 Cylinder Heavy Duty Heads $78.75
R4B 4 Cylinder Blocks $120.75
R6 6 Cylinder Passenger Car Heads $76.65
R6B 6 Cylinder In-Line Blocks $120.75
R6HD 6 Cylinder Heavy Duty Heads $110.25
RBT Block True or Square Deck $215.25
RV6V8 V6 and V8 Blocks $163.80
MAMLB Assemble Motor-Long Block $635.25
MAMSB Assemble Motor-Short Block $477.75
MBSB Broken Stud and Bolt (Each) $36.75
MSSBEZ Broken Stud or Bolt with EZ Out Broken Off $47.25
MEF Environmental Fee 5% of Labor Cost not to exceed $50.00 $57.75
MH Helicoil (Labor Only) $29.40